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Welcome to The Showmance:

A celebration of Big Brother


About The Showmance


Run by a couple of cross-country friends, The Showmance is a celebration of our one true love:

CBS's Big Brother. 

While we've watched and carried on in-depth discussions for years, we decided to finally put our conversations on a podcast in the hopes of connecting with fellow BB fanatics and validating the incredible amount of time spent invested in this series. 

The Showmance is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, and everyone podcasts are listed! 



Meet the houseguests


Brody betz

Brody is a proud resident of Orlando, where he spends all day getting tanner and blonder while working at the Most Magical Place on Earth. His favorite houseguest is All Stars' guiding light: Britney. Oh, and Rat-cole.  

Find him on Instagram @BrodyBetz.

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Ashley Buchanan

Ashley currently lives in NYC where she pays a lot of money in rent just to stay home and watch Big Brother. While she's a lifelong Dan supporter, she stans any strong female who shows up to the house to destroy the patriarchy.

Find her on Instagram @ashbuc.